My Next Digi-Cam (May be)

While I would like to have a Digital SLR so that I can just go blast with photography but till the time I am learning to get better in the photgraphy I feel this one is good value for money.

Its a Fujifilm FINEPIX. Reason I find it attractive is it has following feature of SLR in a point and shoot digicam.

That is
Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority

and also additional ISO Sensitivities of ISO 800/1600/3200 (good for sports mode)

Review the featurs at following link.

Dubai Traffic . . . !

This is another night photo. Usually you would expect a good long streek of light on 2sec exposure while here the traffic is such a stand still the camera have picked the headlights as if they are posing for the photo. . . .

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How ISO setting in Digicam is useful

To understan the effect of ISO settings (Usually this used to be fixed for a Film in analog camera). Check the following 2 photographs taken at the same time from the same Digital Camera. One with the ISO set to 100 and next is with ISO set to 400.
The above photo is with ISO 100 setting.
The above photo is with ISO 400 setting.
The camera was on the auto mode while taking this photograph. The difference is apperant. While in the night you would like to use the ISO 400 setting so that the details appear brighter.

Flash spoiling your photos . . ?

Well here is the tip. I had taken few photographs from the SLR camera with external flash, While the flash was facing upwards and not directly to the subject. The results were marvelous. Now how to get that effect using your regular digital camera with built in flash . . ? There are quit a few ways to achieve this. One I used here is the use of reflector. I had a small mirror which I placed in front of flash at about 45 Deg. so that 100% of light from flash goes to celing and hence eluminating the room and the subject evenly.

So here is the photo with direct flash.

And here is the one with the use of reflecting mirror. If not mirror you can keep your visiting card handy. The white visiting card can also yield simiral result.

Window makes good lighting

This pic was clicked near window. You can see the good even lighting effect which has appeared in this pic. No flash used. This pic is just a click of the space near dining table with no preparation made to even clean the table . . . !


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Why people come to Dubai ?

Just count the cranes in the above pic. It is said that 35% of worlds cranes are in Dubai as on Dec 2006 !

How I take gr8 night photos . . !

In night there is one thing to keep in mind the digi-cam goes to longer exposure mode due to lack of light. Hence the camera movement caused while clicking makes photo blurred.

Its best to use stand. While I do not have stand hence I keep the cam on a available platform or my car/bike sit and after pointing at the object switch on the 10sec timer. I press the shoot button and then move away from cam, allow it to click the photo by itself.

Hows . . . That . !

I shot this in Diu where its sea behind this abandoned house hence the lights were looking wonder ful. . .

Sand and Hateef mountain . .

Hateef mountain at Al-Ain in UAE is a place worth visiting. While on the way one can find various views of the mountain and here the mountain backdrop looks great with the sand dune having orange colour.

Moon in the day light !

Its always difficult to click a moon using still cam and with Digi cam to get the night shot is real challange.
Hence I took this shot in the winter morning when the sky is clear and moon is sharp.
Road to Al-Ain and a Sun Set there.
Well since its winter here we had a picnic in summer its just "All - in"

Taken by Sanjay while we were going to Al-Ain a nice picnic spot.

At Al-Ain hill top in UAE

With Umesh of L&T

Mit and truck

The boy of Mechanical engineer just want cranes and truck.

Kids and Balcony . . !

The reason I prefer the apartment without balcony.
Kids just like to lean over the rails . . . . !
If Mamu was not there . . !
My Daughter Maitri is enjoying Kite flying in Surat.
Isn't she looking H-A-P-P-Y.