Flash spoiling your photos . . ?

Well here is the tip. I had taken few photographs from the SLR camera with external flash, While the flash was facing upwards and not directly to the subject. The results were marvelous. Now how to get that effect using your regular digital camera with built in flash . . ? There are quit a few ways to achieve this. One I used here is the use of reflector. I had a small mirror which I placed in front of flash at about 45 Deg. so that 100% of light from flash goes to celing and hence eluminating the room and the subject evenly.

So here is the photo with direct flash.

And here is the one with the use of reflecting mirror. If not mirror you can keep your visiting card handy. The white visiting card can also yield simiral result.

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yndesai said...

You may also use the cellophane tape to mask your flash and reduce the harshness of the flash. As it will diffuse the flash light.