Moon in the day light !

Its always difficult to click a moon using still cam and with Digi cam to get the night shot is real challange.
Hence I took this shot in the winter morning when the sky is clear and moon is sharp.
Road to Al-Ain and a Sun Set there.
Well since its winter here we had a picnic in summer its just "All - in"

Taken by Sanjay while we were going to Al-Ain a nice picnic spot.

At Al-Ain hill top in UAE

With Umesh of L&T

Mit and truck

The boy of Mechanical engineer just want cranes and truck.

Kids and Balcony . . !

The reason I prefer the apartment without balcony.
Kids just like to lean over the rails . . . . !
If Mamu was not there . . !
My Daughter Maitri is enjoying Kite flying in Surat.
Isn't she looking H-A-P-P-Y.