Coromorants at Surat's Birding Hotspot.

These cormorants were in the middle of the lake at the Surat's very own birding hot spot Gavier Lake. I went with my 2 friends and Mit and the occasion was Great Backyard Bird Count. You can check the bird list of the day here.

My favorite camera grip to keep it steady

This one is called Machine Gun grip by many people. It is taken from the army's sniping technique. Whatever it is it keeps my cam really steady and allow me to take shots of small birds @ 200ft with 300mm lens.

Egret getting lazy. . !

I usually do not see Egrets feed on cooked food when people are around. This one started feeding itself once people were away.

Chased a Long Tailed Shrike

It was fun chasing this fellow with my son. After about a kilometer and he pointed us to a good water body. I took about 10 shots at 300mm and one has come well with sparkling eyes.