Got myself a new camera. . !

It finally boiled down to 4 cameras which fitted my budget (INR 10000) and criteria (with standard AA batteries). But then they needed further comparison to come to conclusive decision.

Here is my tabulation of the technicals :

Model FujiFilm FinePix S2950 Nikon Coolpix L110 Canon sx130 IS Olympus SP-610UZ
Battery AA AA AA AA
Mpx 14 12.2 12 14
Optical zoom 18 15 12 22
Apperture Priority Aperture Priority Non Aperture Priority Aperture Priority Non Aperture Priority
Stabilization Yes Yes Yes Yes
Full Manual mode No No Yes No
Size Bridge Compact Compact Bridge
Price 9000 10500 10000

Good Value for Money
My Choice

Since I preferred a compact camera with a full manual controls I selected the Canon-SX-130-IS. However I need to mention that Fujifilm FinePix S2950 is a good value for money. Handling wise canon is much stable and IS (image stabilization) is also working fine.

Watch this blog for the results of this camera. I must say the results are encouraging.