Small Black in flock

Seems to be rosy starling.
The flock

Spotting List.

21 Little Green Bea-Eater
20 Brahminy Kite
19 Oriental Magpie Robin
18 Purple sunbird
17 Black Drongo
16 Spotted Dove
15 Scaly Breasted Munia
14 Grey Heron
13 Tailor bird
12 Black headed ibis
11 Brown-headed Gull
10 Little Cormorant
9 Common Sandpiper
8 Yellow Bittern
7 White throated Kingfisher.
6 Red vented Bulbul
5 Barn Swallow
4 Bank Myna
3 Black Kite
2 Greater Sand Plover
1 Parrot

Common Myna

Birds assorted . .

These are assorted bird images which I need to identify.

Sunset . . .

Sunset . .

Merry Xmas . . !

Since I am back I can only post pics of Goa preparing for X-mas.


Bird watching at goa

Last few bird pics from Goa. . .

Purple Sunbird-Female

Purple Sunbird-Male

Birds from Goa second lot. . .

Second lot of from the Goa
These were using the kit lens

Goa Bird watching first lot . .

Due to habitual early rising went for bird watching and guess what it was a feast . . . These are from the first day. Do comment if you can identify them.

Little Green Bea-Eater


Electrocuted wild . . .
Some sad clicks from Goa Trip

Postcard from Goa

These are some quick sorted clicks from my Goa Trip.


First from street

These are first street photographs.

First Dragonfly

Tamron 70-300 is not the 1:1 macro lens but still it allows you to focus at closure distances when switched to Macro. This is my first Dragon fly with this lens.

Scaly Breasted Munia

This bird found in group from my window.

Grey Egret like (Grey Heron)

This is Grey Egret like bird. I am waiting for identification.

Grey Heron Ardea cinerea cinerea

Tailer bird in the backyard.

This is heavily croped photo I will try to get a better pic of this.

Tailor bird chirping is noticeable loud. I will also upload the video of chirping taken by my point and shoot canon sx130is. Till I get better pic this stays as my spotting note.

Black headed ibis

This was a distant lonely flight caught in evening. I was clear this is no Gull. After searching for identification it very much is Black headed ibis.

So that makes one bird to be shot with better clarity.

Bird I could not identify (Oriental Magpie-robin)

Once started taking pictures of birds. I found that there are many beautiful birds which are around in my city and I am unaware of them. This is one of them. I plan to create a List of birds I spot.

This was cropped from the following shot. Which justifies my reason for buying 300mm and 20mpx over 18mpx and 250mm.

Hope some visitor would identify the bird.  I an hour I could get that this is  Oriental Magpie-robin (Copsychus saularis)

First RAW editing success

After updating RawTherapee to it has started processing the A58 's raw files. Here are 3 files

Straight out of camera JPG cropped. (SOOC jpg)

Edited SOOC jpg using XnView

    Raw file edited with RawTherapee.

    You can see the details in the flowers in the last picture.