Brown headed barbet

This is my first sighting of it and the pic has also come sharp and clear I had used manual focus.

Palm Tree growing on another tree.

This is unusual scene to me where a palm tree is growing on another tree. Well that is my first impression and hence clicked these pics to confirm.

Also clicked a close up of the junction.

I wish I had a boat. . . !

Just went to checkout from the higher bridge where should I go for the birds. It was high tide hence I expected some birds towards the banks. But there I saw a small bet / Island full of birds.

I wish I had a boat as from any point getting a click of these was 300m and I found the bridge itself as the best place.

These pics are Straight out of camera at 300mm 20mpx

Trying to use RCC over Xperiea M android

This post is to share details regarding the tests done for using my Xperia M mobile to control A58.

Result of USB host diagnostics on my Xperia M

Tree I wanted to capture for long

Every time I use to pass this tree there was lot of activities under it. Location Rander side of Causeway. At last I got the chance to click it. Morning of march with blue sky was added advantage.

15 minutes at hand and at 18mm on camera I wished that I had a pit to go even further low.

You can see the background with all tall towers which I wanted to avoid.
Anyways after 8 attempts I got this one.