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Why people come to Dubai ?

Just count the cranes in the above pic. It is said that 35% of worlds cranes are in Dubai as on Dec 2006 !

How I take gr8 night photos . . !

In night there is one thing to keep in mind the digi-cam goes to longer exposure mode due to lack of light. Hence the camera movement caused while clicking makes photo blurred.

Its best to use stand. While I do not have stand hence I keep the cam on a available platform or my car/bike sit and after pointing at the object switch on the 10sec timer. I press the shoot button and then move away from cam, allow it to click the photo by itself.

Hows . . . That . !

I shot this in Diu where its sea behind this abandoned house hence the lights were looking wonder ful. . .

Sand and Hateef mountain . .

Hateef mountain at Al-Ain in UAE is a place worth visiting. While on the way one can find various views of the mountain and here the mountain backdrop looks great with the sand dune having orange colour.