How ISO setting in Digicam is useful

To understan the effect of ISO settings (Usually this used to be fixed for a Film in analog camera). Check the following 2 photographs taken at the same time from the same Digital Camera. One with the ISO set to 100 and next is with ISO set to 400.
The above photo is with ISO 100 setting.
The above photo is with ISO 400 setting.
The camera was on the auto mode while taking this photograph. The difference is apperant. While in the night you would like to use the ISO 400 setting so that the details appear brighter.

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Anupam Dubey said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog Yagnesh. I shoot at ISO 50 intentionally, and it is because I *hate* noise. The noise level increases dramatically in my ultra-compact Canon IXY 55 (Powershot SD 400/ IXUS 50) with increasing ISO. I have to use a slower shutter at ISO 50, but i prefer that to noisy high ISO shot.