My Next Digi-Cam (May be)

While I would like to have a Digital SLR so that I can just go blast with photography but till the time I am learning to get better in the photgraphy I feel this one is good value for money.

Its a Fujifilm FINEPIX. Reason I find it attractive is it has following feature of SLR in a point and shoot digicam.

That is
Aperture Priority
Shutter Priority

and also additional ISO Sensitivities of ISO 800/1600/3200 (good for sports mode)

Review the featurs at following link.

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ww said...

Hello Yagnesh,
I just read your post about wanting the FinePix F30 sport camera as your next digicam. I am a big fan of the Fuji line of cameras and regularly shoot with a FinePix s700 (s5700 in Europe). While this is more of a SLR style it yields outstanding images in ISO settings up to 400. Although it has the capability of capturing faster pictures images will show more grain or "noise."

All the same, it has features that the F30 is lacking. I am only writing to suggest that you consider this camera as an alternative. If the F30 is as good at 3200 ISO as the review says, stay with it!

If you want more than the ability to take night shots, then perhaps the features of the s700 or s9100 might be worth considering?

Yours, as a fellow Fuji lover,