A58 Back Button Focus . . .

With Sony A58 there are buttons on the back side of camera which can be assigned different functions. AEL button is one which has maximum options.

The two functions that I usually attach to this AEL button is

"Focus" when using Autofocus and

"Focus Magnifier" when using Manual focus. With "Focus Magnifier" I can clearly see where the focus is and am able to get gr8 pics. This one more feature where Electronic View Finder (EVF) scores over Optical View Finder (OVF).

go to:  menu -> settings -> Pg 3 -> func. of AEL button.

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TEJO said...

Hi YNDesai, you have said -" "Focus" when using autofocus ".

Does it mean when we press AEL button, it would focus without having to half press the shutter button?